How to replace the siding of your home

Your home can look more attractive if you replace the outdated and the unappealing siding, as it makes it more enduring and appealing. Also, your home becomes more energy efficient. One of the best home improvements for adding value to your home is siding replacement, which also shows the direct return on your investment.

Make it be an interior home project as possible rather than an exterior one. The reason why I would advise for it to be an interior home project is that; the exterior project can be very costly.

man installing siding on house

DIY siding installation

Before you can start your DIY siding installation, you need first to know what you are getting yourself into. Consider such thing as how you will remove the old siding, how you are going to deal with permits as well as the purchasing of the right materials and equipment for the project.

The DIY method is less expensive, but again it takes much time to complete the siding installation. However, if you know you are a good DIYer expert, who has done this work several times, it can take less time than expected. But, if you are not an expert at all or you are a beginner, just leave it to the professionals, who will do perfect work and also complete the project in few days.

To understand the impact of using DIY or using a professional in your siding project, just compare all the factors. It may look easy for siding installation, but for the beginners, it’s a lot of tasks. There are so many technical aspects that need to be taken into account.

Merits of using DIY, siding installation include:

  • For smaller sections; it is quick and easy to repair or replace the siding.
  • DIY is cheaper compared to when using professionals.
  • You can do it on your time schedule.
  • You just rely on yourself alone and not any other person, and so you feel satisfied with your work.

Demerits include:

  • You may not have the full knowledge and experience about siding installation.
  • You need to get all the tools for installation.
  • Once you begin the project, you may come across some errors, which are not easy to fix.

However, whether you decide to hire an expert or use DIY, either way, you will be using your money. But on the other side, you will be required to use your energy and good sense that will help improve your home. At the end of it all, you want the project to be done right and perfect.